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Why spend a little extra on bespoke furniture?

Monday 9th 2016In Latest NewsRyan Fraser

Why spend a little extra on bespoke furniture?

When most clients approach us, they tend to have two main requirements – furniture that fits the bill and doesn’t break the bank. But we always stress that your furniture should fit your space, rather than the other way around – so why settle for standard?

Inevitably, a custom-made piece of furniture may be a little more expensive than one plucked from a brochure. But bespoke doesn’t have to cost the earth – in fact, we’re experts at tailoring projects to specific budgets.

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If this has left you intrigued, here are our top 5 reasons to spend a little extra on bespoke furniture:

  1. In simple terms, you get exactly what you want – high quality furniture that’s made to fit your space, whether that’s custom dimensions, materials, colours, finish, or even the finer details such as rounded edges – the world really is your oyster! Plus, made to measure furniture will help to achieve cleaner lines which create the perception of a more high-end finish.
  2. As the client, your input is vital, so bespoke furniture designs can be tweaked over and over again until you’re 100% happy. We create and work from drawings throughout the whole process, so you’ll be able to visualise everything and feel the excitement as the project comes to life.
  3. Old buildings in particular tend to have quirky characteristics such as alcoves and rounded walls – but these don’t have to be a hindrance when bespoke furniture is involved. We can design pieces that make these features shine, rather than hide them away. But bespoke furniture is great in new buildings too – in fact, architects are known to enjoy working on projects where bespoke furniture is involved, as it can bring their scheme to life without having to compromise!
  4. In a previous blog post, we’ve discussed how office furniture can contribute to higher staff productivity – and that’s heightened when the furniture is tailored to employees’ likes and dislikes. Plus, staff may feel more valued if asked for their vision and input.
  5. When working with bespoke furniture, the project often becomes all about creating something unique with standout quality. For instance, in an office setting, a bespoke reception desk that creates the ‘wow factor’ as soon as a visitor walks in might make your organisation more memorable and perhaps give you an edge over competitors.

Of course a bespoke furniture project might require more planning than an ordinary installation. For example, a standard desking unit could be installed within 1-4 weeks, whereas the lead time for a bespoke desk is usually 6-8. But as experts in turnkey furniture and fit-out projects, we’re on hand to ensure that our bespoke furniture doesn’t hold up your schedule.

Of course, with so many products in the Redefined Group range, the chances are that we may already have a solution that fulfils your requirements without you even having to contemplate the bespoke route. See some of our office furniture range, for example.

But if you think you have a project that could reap the benefits from bespoke furniture, then contact our Leeds-based office furniture experts on 0333 323 1949.

Written By Ryan Fraser

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