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What’s the big deal about bean to cup coffee?

For many people the smell of freshly-ground coffee doesn’t just stimulate the senses – it can even act as a subliminal ‘pick-me-up’. In the workplace, this equates to boosted productivity, greater employee morale and stronger levels of customer satisfaction, to name just a few benefits!

But it’s important that the taste lives up to this smell. And with bean to cup coffee, it does!

Redefined Group supplies a range of commercial bean to cup coffee machines that create drinks as tasty as if a barista prepared them. However, in truth, they’ve been served in seconds, with merely the touch of a button – our technology does the rest. That means delicious coffee you can be proud for your clients or colleagues to savour, without the fuss, wait or expense of a visit to the deli!

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Quick and quiet

Unlike some domestic appliances, commercial bean to cup coffee machines are far quicker and quieter to operate. That means minimum disruption and more time doing what you do best!

In built features

One-touch pre-programmed coffee menus, built-in grinders to preserve bean flavour, integrated heating systems for optimum water temperature and easy-clean mechanisms for maximum taste. You can even configure the machine to suit colleagues’ individual preferences!

Attractive appliances

Whilst commercial bean to cup coffee machines often sit within office canteens and breakout rooms, they’re so good looking, you might want to show them off! We can even help you create showcase coffee stations to make the appliance a real focal point in your space.

Built with flexibility in mind

From the dimensions of the appliance, to the range of drinks sizes and the options on the machine menu, we believe in offering our clients flexibility. It’s this ability to meet very different requirements, which attracts such varied types of customers to our website.

Bean to cup within your budget

Bean to cup coffee shouldn’t just be afforded by the biggest British brands. We stock a wide variety of commercial bean to cup coffee machines to suit all budgets and our lease options (from £18 a week fully fitted, set up and ready to go) provide added affordability if required.

Nationwide delivery

Redefined Group is based in Leeds, but with clients throughout the UK, it doesn’t matter where you’re based. Talk to us if you’d like to talk through your tastes, or view our product portfolio online to start shopping!

Drinks from as little as 8 pence per cup

We know why so many businesses still serve instant coffee – it’s cheap!
But bean to cup coffee is more affordable than most clients think. Take a look…

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Do you know your beans?

Some of our clients are extremely eloquent when it comes to bean to cup coffee lingo – they know their arabica from their cascara, and they’re therefore very diligent in the technology they look for in their appliance.

But with a range of commercial coffee machines within our product portfolio – plus a menu of beans on offer from us too – the world is their oyster! They can simply browse at their leisure, knowing they can contact us if they have any questions. But in truth, many simply order online without us getting involved at all.

Other clients – quite simply – want to up their game when it comes to the drinks they serve. They’re less familiar with the jargon and some can’t even spot a macchiato from a cappuccino! But that’s not a problem – it’s the output that matters. Each of our bean to cup coffee machines is easy to use and all serve coffee that even a high end French bistro would be proud of!


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