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5 top tips to improve office productivity

Saturday 23rd 2016In Latest NewsRyan Fraser

5 top tips to improve office productivity

We’ve all heard about the companies in creative industries, such as Google and Facebook, that provide quirky office space and furniture for employees. But is it just a ploy to attract fresh, young, graduates, or does a well-designed office actually contribute to higher staff morale and productivity?

Well, there’s lots of research out there to support the latter. People with creative minds crave open space, where they feel free to produce great things. In fact, it’s been proven that the most significant factor in increasing staff productivity lies with improving their physical environment.

But since creative types have a tendency to become easily distracted, it’s extremely important to design an office that promotes creativity and productivity.

So here are our top 5 tips to engage employees in creative industries using office furniture and the wider space:

  1. Construct a variety of different environments for employees to work from – whether that’s personal desk space, conference rooms, kitchen areas, a lounge or a breakout room. Providing the option to move around in the office will vary employees’ routines, keep their minds active and heighten their focus.
  2. Offer to provide collaborative whiteboards or pin boards for the office. Have you ever had a spark of inspiration that’s distracted you from your work for the rest of the day? Well, by implementing a space to store thoughts, staff can simply write their ideas down and return to the task at hand, reducing distraction.
  3. A cluttered office can equal a cluttered mind. Consider investing in quality office furniture, such as drawers, sideboards and bespoke storage units to improve focus and productivity. Spending just a few minutes each day organising files and storing things away will help to reduce office chaos – especially in a large team!
  4. It’s proven that employees who are actively engaged with their environment are 15% more productive – so encourage staff to put personalised items – such as family photographs or a favourite plant – on their desks. This will also make them feel like the office furniture is their own.
  5. Invest in tables and chairs that are right for your space – if you’ve ever found yourself adjusting or stretching at your desk, then you’ll understand the importance of office furniture fitting you – not the other way around! Make sure that you purchase adjustable chairs so that staff feel comfortable at work. For instance, read our tips for choosing the right ergonomic chair here.

Don’t forget – designing office furniture isn’t the only way to improve productivity. Also have a think about how you can encourage employees to become more active, whether that’s by allowing staff to go for a walk during working hours or promoting a ‘cycle to work’ scheme.

If you’re considering re-vamping your office furniture to improve staff productivity and your bottom line, then why not give one of our Leeds-based specialists a call on 0333 323 1949? Alternatively, email Redefined Group at info@redefinedgroup.co.uk.

To spark further inspiration, have a browse through our online collection of office furniture. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, then don’t forget that we create bespoke solutions, too.

Written By Ryan Fraser

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