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Give us a floor plan and we’ll evaluate your office environment to make the best use of every square metre. That’s exactly what our space planning service is all about.

But it’s not just a case of deciding how to lay out desks and seating for maximum effect. With wider workplace planning you can transform EVERYTHING. That means that we take the complete space that we’ve got to work with and think about setting the right impression from the minute someone walks through the door. After all, research shows people make their mind up about a company in as little as 7 seconds!

Receptions, breakout rooms, meeting spaces, kitchens, washrooms and even the outdoors – we’ll uncover the needs of your specific workplace to recommend how your project should take shape.

It may be that you’re faced with a bare, open plan expanse and you don’t know how to turn it into a home that reflects the culture of your brand. You may have inherited new space that has someone else’s stamp on it rather than yours. Or, as is often the case, you may be growing (or shrinking) so you want to better utilise the space you already have.

Whatever you need from your four walls, we’ll help you achieve it with savvy workplace planning.

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Redefined Workspace Planning

Like our space planning service, you will benefit from:

A consultation

With one of our workplace experts. These are the guys whose job it is to discover what makes your business tick, as well as what will take employee motivation and visitor satisfaction to the next level!

2D plans and 3D visuals

To help you conceptualise how your new workplace will come to life. We’ll annotate all drawings and proposals so that you can understand why we’ve recommended the component parts.

Follow up meetings

To collaborate, tweak, perfect and progress. Often our own ideas spark a little more of our clients’ inspiration, so we’ll work with you until you think your vision has been achieved

Turnkey support

We don’t just supply commercial coffee machines to our clients. We also provide delicious beans and complementary barista-style accessories, meaning you can create coffee shop quality hot drinks, for a fraction of the cost and using only one trusted supplier.

Redefined GroupRedefined Group
Great company to deal with. Very helpful. Very knowledgeable. Great customer service and excellent value for money too. Highly recommended.
Stephen Dobson Date published: 2018/11/12
Redefined GroupRedefined Group
Bought some office furniture from Redefined group a few months ago. The quality is fantastic, the service was extremely good the delivery was ahead of time. Pretty much everything we look for in a supplier!
Jag Panesar Date published: 2018/11/12
Redefined GroupRedefined GroupWe engaged Redefined Group to supply and install the furniture on our 6th Form Common Room Refurbishment for St Mary’s in Menston. The work was carried out to tightly defined timescales with the highest level of professionalism. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending their services to others.Matt Wass | Jupiter Construction Ltd Date published: 2018/06/22

Seeing is believing!

Book us in for a workplace planning consultation to find out how your HQ could look.

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Workspace planning specialists

It’s our job to think of the things that won’t have even entered your head yet, such as:

  • Ever-evolving industry legislation that affects everything from Health & Safety in the workplace, to building regs. If you risk compromising the law, you’ll know about it before anyone puts a foot wrong.
  • The first impression someone gets when they first reach your office. Can they locate you easily from the outside? Do your premises look the part? Are your brand values conveyed the minute they step inside?
  • If the space is truly fit for business purposes. For example, is there anywhere to hold a confidential conversation? Do employees have somewhere to go, away from their desk, if they need a breather? Do you have adequate storage or is everything on show for the world to see?
  • The risk of lost time. Sometimes, simple tweaks to workplace layout can put colleagues in better contact with each other, or reduce the time lost going from one part of the office to another. You may be so close to it that you don’t see it, so it’s our job to offer a fresh pair of eyes.

Think you’re going to be held back by budget? Think again!

Workplace planning needn’t cost the earth

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