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Why is an ergonomic chair important?

Tuesday 24th 2015In Latest NewsRyan Fraser

Why is an ergonomic chair important?

Ergonomic seating is not a new concept, but as employee wellbeing becomes an ever-more important workplace priority, these expertly designed chairs are increasingly on the radar in businesses large and small.

Here, Redefined Groups’ office furniture consultant Claire Barnett highlights why these chairs are such a crucial addition to the modern working environment…

“Selecting the perfect task, operator or executive chair for your office is not easy. With literally thousands of options available in the UK, where do you start? Here are a few simple things to look out for when considering the options for you and your staff:

  • Prioritise posture – office staff spend a frightening number of hours sat in their chairs, so ensure they have lower back support that promotes the correct posture. Encouraging a balanced position, when sat, will help avoid lumbar problems that could be detrimental to an individuals’ health. And a relaxed, comfortable and healthy employee will be more alert, productive and satisfied, not to mention fit to work!
  • Look for chairs with multiple adjustment mechanisms. No two body shapes are exactly the same, so you can’t expect one chair to suit everyone. The more comprehensively designed ergonomic chairs will allow for flexible seat height, seat rest height, seat tilt, back rest tilt, back rest support, back rest depth, lumbar support and swivel. Arm rests should also be adjustable.
  • If the chair’s adjustability is limited, aim for a seat height that is approximately one quarter the length of the body height.
  • Think about the stability of the chair too, as this will also affect posture, sometimes without the individual realising. Most working environments require a five star base.
  • Buy from a supplier who offers trial periods, so you and your staff can assess which chair truly is best for them. This ‘try before you buy’ opportunity is usually only available from office furniture consultants who will readily bring you a selection of chairs to test. If they don’t, you’re working with the wrong company!
  • Consider the type of work that is being carried out when sat in the chair. A computer operator will have different requirements to a dentist, for instance. If in doubt about why this matters and what type of chair you need, ask your office furniture consultant – don’t risk getting it wrong.
  • Ergonomic seating can still look the part. Yes we should prioritise comfort, but you needn’t compromise on style. Every chair you buy should be a long-lasting investment for your office, so choose a colour, style and fabric that will sit proudly in your space.
  • Allow breaks – exercising the body will release unnecessary pressure on the spine and promote better circulation after extended periods of sitting. It doesn’t do concentration and productivity any harm either!”

If you’d like to discuss your ergonomic seating requirements, or have any other questions for our team of Leeds office furniture specialists, please call Redefined Group on 0333 323 1949 or email info@redefinedgroup.co.uk. With nationwide delivery, we’re here to help UK clients large and small.

Written By Ryan Fraser

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