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Our bespoke furniture chosen for high end student residence

Monday 9th 2016In ProjectsRyan Fraser

Our bespoke furniture chosen for high end student residence

Project background

As plans unfolded to create luxury new student apartments in Leeds, the client began the search for a bespoke furniture specialist…

The brief

This wasn’t a run of the mill student accommodation project – think ‘4-star hotel’ rather than ‘student digs’! So, it was perhaps no surprise that ‘ordinary’ furniture would not fit the bill.

This meant that hand crafted bespoke furniture would need to be manufactured and installed in 37 high quality residences in only 6 weeks.

In stepped Redefined Group…

The Redefined Group team was one of many turnkey furniture specialists invited to tender for the work. But this was no ordinary tender. Each contractor was asked to bring to life a sample room based on a specific design supplied by the architects.

Redefined Group’ work was executed to such high standards – not just in terms of the furniture quality, but also the snag-free install and tidiness of the room – that they won the contract.

With no time to waste, the team set to work to transform the empty spaces into beautiful homes for the imminent tenants. The 100% bespoke furniture compromised desks, wardrobes, shelving, niche holes, TV side units and entertainment walls, along with custom-made soft furnishings such as sofas, armchairs, dining room tables and chairs, bed frames and side cabinets. In just six weeks – that was no mean feat!

And now..?

Redefined Group’ craftsmanship and attention to detail meant that the job was completed on time and to budget. The team’s experience of other time-precious projects also ensured the safe and carefully co-ordinated execution of work alongside other subcontractors.

Reflecting on the project, Redefined Group’ director Ryan Fraser said: “This was an exciting contract to work on as we were asked to make optimum use of every section of space. We achieved a consistently high finish, with a uniform look and feel – if I was a student this is a building I’d love to live in!

‘’It’s great to know that we won the contract based on quality rather than price – but that doesn’t mean that we weren’t competitive in that area too!’’

Written By Ryan Fraser

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