Out with the old

and in with the fresh new interiors and exteriors that will make your space a happier and more productive place to be

Building refurbishment services

It’s not only new builds that can be impressive. If your business environment is looking tired or unfulfilled, don’t feel you have to start from scratch. Give your premises a new lease of life or completely transform disused premises with our building refurbishment expertise.

This restorative approach is not only kinder to your bank balance; it better protects the environment too.

Whether you’d like to undertake some small touch up jobs or completely renovate an unoptimised space, our multi-disciplined team is equipped to tackle everything from light demolition, through to bricklaying, plastering, roofing, joinery, partitioning, rewiring, decorating, flooring and more.

The current lack of grade A office space – plus the cost of such facilities when they do become available – means a growing number of organisations are being more creative when it comes to the upkeep and renovation of tired business premises. Learn just what you can do with your budget.


In the fast-paced world of retail, it is no surprise that refurbishment projects are continually postponed, for fear of the disruption they may cause. But, with our help, renovations large and small can be carefully scheduled to ensure ‘business as usual’ as soon as possible.


The next time your school, academy, college or university is closed for half term, ask yourself, could you make good use of the ‘down time’ and tackle some much needed upkeep? If so, let us help you ensure a quick and seamless schedule of works.


It’s perhaps no surprise that, when we work with bars, restaurants, hotels, gyms and so on, to deliver high quality fit out and furniture installation projects, we’re often asked to tackle clients’ building refurbishment needs too. One single point of contact proves very convenient indeed.



What does turnkey really mean?

You may see the word turnkey referenced a lot on our website. But what does it truly mean? Quite simply, it illustrates the fact that we can assist you with your contract from the initial design stages, before executing the work involved, furnishing your project and seeing it through to completion, using only the expertise of our in-house team.

Because we have a multi-disciplined skillset, we take on the entirety of your job, saving you the hassle of managing numerous contractors. A dedicated project manager expertly oversees every phase of the contract, coordinating the works, fitting the office furniture, managing budgets, planning schedules, and maintaining safety standards. You have one point of contact throughout, ensuring seamless, headache-free communication and project security, meaning you can get on with your ‘day job’.

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Safeguarding your investment

If you’ve made the decision that you’re going to purchase disused premises, have a temporary shutdown period to undertake some much-needed upkeep, or invest in some renovation works to give your business a new lease of life, you naturally want to ensure your time and money is well spent.

The contractor you work with is crucial to you safeguarding your investment. So, before you decide who you’re going to appoint for your refurbishment or fit out project, why not read some comments from our existing clients?


Fraser Projects refurbishes redundant commercial space

When successful manufacturing specialist Advanced Engineering Techniques realised it had outgrown its previous office space, it sought to transform redundant commercial space in Sheffield into a fresh 200sqm office facility with restrooms, to support the team’s ongoing expansion.

Find out what happened in the four week strip out and refurbishment project that followed…


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