Commercial Coffee Machines

Wake up and smell the coffee

Affordable, easy-to-use commercial coffee machines to satisfy the taste buds of even the biggest coffee connoisseurs!

The year of coffee


It’s one of the nation’s favourite drinks. In fact, a recent article by the Independent revealed that 2018 is the ‘year of coffee’, with people increasingly turning their nose up at cheap, tasteless instant! This growing trend helps to explain why commercial coffee machines are currently one of Redefined Group’s hottest products!

The machines certainly look the part. But simplicity is key with these stylish appliances – because, however hungry people are for a mouthwatering drink, very few businesses have time for people to start grinding beans when they could be working! That’s why we offer an extensive range of commercial bean to cup coffee machines, and all are easy-to-operate with just the touch of a button.

Beyond that, the features vary depending on the capacity you require, the variety of drinks you’d like to serve, and the level of innovation you’d like within your commercial coffee machine. We can work to almost every budget too, to ensure you invest in a product that doesn’t leave a bitter taste in your mouth!

Benefits of a Commercial Coffee Machine

Delicious drinks in seconds

Whether you’re crafting the perfect cappuccino or an expertly-layered latte, users simply select the drink of their choice and it’s ready in seconds. Our commercial coffee machines are quick to refill and maintain too, so you needn’t worry about any downtime.

Plug and play technology

We’ve said that our commercial coffee machines are easy to use – and they’re even easier to get up and running! Every appliance is supplied with step-by-step instructions and our engineers are on hand should you need any help.

Options to suit your needs – and budget

We don’t believe that our customers should have to settle for a ‘one size fits all’ solution. That’s why we stock a range of commercial coffee machines, enabling you to choose one that fits your office requirements – and budget. You can even talk to us about coffee machine leasing from as little as £18 per week – all in!

Everything you need from one supplier – us!

We don’t just supply commercial coffee machines to our clients. We also provide delicious beans and complementary barista-style accessories, meaning you can create coffee shop quality hot drinks, for a fraction of the cost and using only one trusted supplier.


“We purchased a redefined coffee machine for our canteen, when an employee survey showed it was one of the most in-demand appliances missing from our workplace. It’s gone down a storm!”

“When we refurbished our reception, a commercial coffee machine was the finishing touch. We didn’t know where to begin with our research, until a client recommended Redefined Group. They listened to our needs, outlined the appliance we needed and we were up and running in less than a week.”

“I wish I’d bought this machine sooner!”

Why does a commercial coffee machine matter to your business?


Our Leeds-based team is being approached by companies large and small to help them serve delicious hot drinks that their visitors and colleagues will savour. There are two key reasons why:

1. Many businesses recognise that when they welcome a customer to their workplace, the first thing they do is offer them a coffee. That coffee then goes on to say a lot about the organisation – a professional looking cup of deliciousness makes a far better impression than something that looks as though it belongs in a builder’s mug!

2. Serving great tasting coffee is one of the simplest perks that forward-thinking firms can offer to employees. If colleagues are increasingly drinking more artisan coffee in their personal lives, why provide only a bland caffeine fix?

You can satisfy their thirst for a coffee shop quality drink, from as little as 8 pence per cup. And, you can even pre-programme the machine to remember colleagues’ individual tastes!

Interested but not sure you know your beans?


Contact us to chat through your specific requirements or come. Or, why not come and see us at our Leeds headquarters and instead of putting the kettle on, you can enjoy a drink of your choice from one of our commercial bean to cup coffee machines.


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