Getting to know Redefined

What can you expect from a furniture, fit out and business supplies specialist?

With decades of experience on the furniture, fit out and refurbishment scene, our team knows its stuff. But rather than give you a run-down of our CVs, we thought it would be more beneficial to outline how we work, our approach to projects large and small, and what you can expect from getting us involved.

We treat every job as unique, of course, ensuring we tailor our products and services – whether that’s office furniture, retail fittings or building refurbishment – to match your specific needs. But when it comes to the way our projects unfold, we’ve refined a best practice process over the years, which we hope you’ll quite like. Here’s how it typically pans out…


We’ve caught your attention. You’ve seen something you like, either on our website, in our showroom, at a client’s site, on social media or within one of marketing streams. You’re eager to know how we can help you.

So you contact us, using our website enquiry form, email or telephone. Once you’ve been in touch, it’s time for a…


Having digested your initial requirements, we’ll arrange a convenient time to meet in person over a coffee and a custard cream. This will be with the consultant best-equipped to satisfy your particular project brief. They’ll assess your needs and look at the many ways we can help you and your business.


We don’t believe in simply presenting you with a brochure or portfolio and expecting you to do the hard work. Instead, after listening to your objectives for the project, our approach is simple. We’ll give your brief some thought, perhaps adding a little sparkle of our own, before sending you a proposal which reflects your needs, budget and vision.

This forward-thinking approach gives you the options you need to take your project forward efficiently, and with minimal risk and fuss.


We believe it’s crucial to discuss the proposal in detail, because every client has different needs. The chances are you may simply want to change an item of furniture, but sometimes we inspire our customers to further improve the use of their space. Nothing is set in stone, and we appreciate that ideas evolve.

Your thoughts and our expertise, can bring your vision to life. This is therefore a crucial phase of our customer satisfaction journey.


Whether your needs are driven by office furniture or interior fit out, or simply a refurbishment of your space, visualisation is key. Our careful space planning and 3D imagery will show you just how your environment can be transformed.

Having assessed your needs, met in person, generated ideas and produced visualisations, the only thing left to do now is place the order.


Once you’ve placed your order, a suitable kick-off date and project schedule will be agreed. Many factors need to be considered including health and safety, access and egress, working hours, logistics, labour and materials. Taking all this into account we can then finalise the most important bit – the target completion date for your snag-free project.


We pride ourselves on delivering snag-free projects, whether this is the delivery and installation of furniture, or a full turn-key interior fit out. This is key to customer satisfaction, and the preservation of our pretty impressive reputation!

Our process is very simple and it all comes down to communication.

Being open and honest, and keeping you informed every step of the way, will ensure your ideas and vision are brought to life with minimum hassle and complete respect for the budget we agree.





With decades of multi-disciplined experience, the Redefined Group specialises in providing, furniture, interiors & supplies to commercial, retail, leisure and education clients throughout the UK. We pride ourselves on transforming spaces, whatever the budget, because first impressions really matter.